Wave - Gothic Meeting 2014

The Wave-Gothic meeting, which takes place every year at Whitsun in Leipzig, is one of the biggest festivals of the Gothic scene in Germany. In the meantime, it is known around the world - at present there are about 20,000 visitors to each meeting, which is a special feature of this gothic festival, distributed throughout the city, as the concerts and other events such as exhibitions and readings, in the Different venues of the city of Leipzig.

The giant scene of the gothic scene in Germany

To the black scene, which initially consisted of pure gothic and wave fans, more and more people from other musical directions as well as so-called alternative movements joined in the course of the years. In addition to the beautiful dark queen in the Gothic costume, the Vampire Lord, the fetish uniform carrier next to the sweet Gothic Lolita, celebrates the medieval fan in knight costume with a noble baronesse.

Gothics meet on medieval freaks

These four days, during which the Wave-Gothic meeting takes place, are one of the highlights of the Cultural Year in Leipzig. In the meantime the WGT is so well known that even the mainstream media talk about it and wonder about the very colorful mixture of gothic fashion freaks, metalers, middle age fans, fetish followers, punks and Neofolk friends.

Gothic fashion pure on carnival Universe

Let yourself be carried away by the extraordinary aesthetics of Gothic Fashion and immerse yourself in a world of poetry, darkness and lust into the role of another person to escape everyday life. Dress up on Carnival Universe and you will surely find a matching gothic costume for you to celebrate with many other gothic freaks at the Wave Gothic meeting.

We at Karneval Universe wish you a great Whitsun weekend at the Wave Gotik Treffen!