Blue White and Red Streamers
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Blue White and Red Streamers

Item #: 8800041

Blue White and Red Streamers

These streamers in blue, white and red can mean the French Tricolour, the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes and are guaranteed to pep up any sports event!

With the Blue White and Red Streamers any French, British or American themed party and party food will become even more authentic.
These streamers in the colours blue, white and red will transfer your party location into France, home of baguettes and Jeanne d'Arc, the UK and its inevitable ale and fish and chips or the USA, land of the free and home of the hamburger. More decorations for themed parties or sports events like the  Bavaria Crepe Paper Streamer 6 cm and the Cocktail Sticks Austria 50 PCS in our great range of party supplies!

Includes 1 roll of streamers