Pirates & Corsairs

Find everything for your wild pirates and buccaneers Party! Pirate costumes and accessories to transform your home into a pirates cave!

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Pirates and buccaneers

Sailing ships, skulls, massive festivals with lots of rum and pirate costumes

Life as a pirate was marked by the exciting life on the seven seas, from battles, legends and, of course, boisterous celebrations.So restless life was so varied were the pirate costumes.Colorful, headstrong and very exceptionally did these therefore and it was a readily apparent that one is dealing with a pirate or a pirate.

With a few steps to pirate costume

Dreispitziger hat or headscarf, an eye patch, loose-fitting shirt and a sword - Pirate costumes almost always meet the usual clichés.For your pirate theme party you can find everything with us to authentically celebrate as Captain Blackbeard and Sir Francis Drake.

Hey ho - on the pirates party with one of our pirate costumes! ,
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