Lantern made of metal

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Lantern made of metal

Sun, moon, stars and the pretty lantern, make the cuddly moments perfectly.

Already in the early Middle Ages were lanterns very common helper.The light source, usually a candle, sometimes Petroleom , was set in a metal frame, the sides of which were bebildet by gescharbte thin horny plates or glass and crystal glass. These faithful helpers were used as light sources supported on dark roads or for hanging in living rooms.

Our powder-coated Eisenbelch lantern is equipped with four glass panes and screwed together with a angespitzem rod and verschweist so that the lantern can drill loose in the ground.In order for a tea light can be conveniently placed, the cover of the lamp can easily open.On the cover of this tealight holder, a fireplace Similar is perforated iron sheet Architectural Technology which enables ventilation and thus the void to prevent the tea light.Matching decoration tips to the sheet iron lantern would be, forB.Spooky Shadow Light and Decorative LED Tealight or Fairy Lights 50 Lights Interior so you can create a cuddly atmosphere.

Product lantern made of metal

  • a rod lantern made of powder coated sheet iron
  • Dimensions: Length approx60 cm, Lantern: wide approx6 cm, height approx9 cm forms a rectangular shape
  • Material: powder coated sheet iron

Warning: do not let lantern unattended burn!