Order now or colorful balloons printed with motif foil balloons. We lead among other Modelierballons, water bombs, filled with helium foil balloons and heart balloons for lovers.

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Colorful or printed balloons and can be filled with helium foil balloons make every party decoration for visually highlight

What a solemn mood when a venue is decorated with many balloons.Inflated, colorful air or helium-filled foil balloons include, always for festive decoration of events and celebrations are.The motif with printed or monochrome held balloons are now available in many shapes and colors and made of various materials.

Balloons made of latex

The classic among the balloons are balloons made of natural rubber also called latex.Made from natural rubber balloons there are almost in every imaginable form.The most commonly used balloon is round, but which is also available in the shape of a snake, as a malleable Modellierballon or for love, a red heart balloon.

Foil balloons

With foil balloons is, as can be seen at the fair, possible to let fill his balloon with helium so that it floats.The most colorful printed balloons made of fine aluminum foil are a hit for each children's birthday because they are often printed with heroes from the comic and movie world.There is hardly a subject that there is not to acquire a helium balloon.Whether it is a Sponge Bob-helium balloon, balloon Batman for guys or the wonderful Wedding balloons in the shape of a champagne bottle or a bridal bouquet.The inflated with helium foil balloons hold different lengths, depending on, among other things, of the weather and storage.On average, keep the helium-filled balloons 1-2 weeks and have between now and then with a straw and normal air to be replenished.If the ratio of helium to oxygen too declined, the foil balloon can not float and is then "only" an ordinary balloon.


With a Modellierballon be funny characters or things can shape and therefore have great popularity among children.If you have ever watched a clown or street performers, as this quickly and sent out a Modellierballon forms a realistic subject, wants to try himself immediately of course.In the beginning it is certainly not easy to mold from the latex balloons by rotating and node a figure, but again practice makes perfect!

Depth charges

Especially in the summer it's super funny and refreshing each other to throw with depth charges! The very thin and smaller latex balloons are filled with water and then thrown as the snowball throwing each other or against objects.One can play with latex balloons as water bombs fun games or organize a harmless water fight.Water bombs As joke, summer fun popular again and a classic among water games for children.,
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