Contact Lenses Werewolf

Item #: 13049

Contact Lenses Werewolf

Career with the colored werewolf motif lenses for raging beast

With this high quality color contact lenses werewolf you can give any Halloween and horror character to perfection. The special effect lenses are easy to use and comfortable to wear and give everyone an unforgettable look.

With our contact lenses are high-quality design lenses that are manufactured according to the latest technological developments and under the strictest international quality control. Thus, the pattern of our contact lenses is not just printed on the lens carrier, but sealed by a multi-layer coating in the sandwich method. Thus, the replacement of individual pigments even under heavy load is effectively prevented and thus effectively prevent damage to the eyes. The contact lenses have no prescription, thereby impairing in any way the natural vision. The eye color of the iris is completely covered, the pupil remains free and allows normal vision. Our Werewolf contact lenses are in a period of 3 months used as often and should be discarded after

  • Scope of delivery: 3 Month Disposable Lenses
  • Material: 58% Hefilcon A, 42% H2O

Warning: Before the first use of the contact lenses, the instructions for the use of contact lenses should be studied generally accurate. In open questions or the least uncertainty in dealing with the contact lenses of the competent optometrist or ophthalmologist should be consulted in any case. When completely inexperienced customers without prior technical knowledge in handling contact lenses, we recommend the use of contact lenses from! We recommend a maximum wearing time of 6 hoursdaily. Not suitable for children under 16 years.