Carnival Makeup

Great selection of theatre makeup, stage make-up and Carnival makeup

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Carnival make-up to make a perfect entrance at any fancy dress party

To create an impressive Halloween and Carnival outfit, you need an stylish costume, perfectly matching accessories and eye-catching makeup. With the right Halloween or Carnival make-up you can turn yourself into a a scary or desirable fantasy creature. With an extraordinary makeup you can compltely change your appearance and none of your frinds will be able to recognize you.

With our huge selection of Halloween and Carnival makeup you will be able to make your wildest costume and make-up dreams come true. We offer a wide range of makeup colours for your face, body and hair to make your transformation into a vampire, zombie or witch super easy. Our selection of real hair beards will change your looks dramatically and not even your closest friends will recognize you. Do you prefer a gory Halloween make-up? Check out our range of fake blood, liquid latex and authentic looking wound tattoos!

With our selection of stage makeup, makeup colours and special effect makeup it is very easy to create hilarious Carnival makeups and perfectly horrible Halloween makeups. In this section you will find everything you need to let your imagination run wild: skin friendly, water based makeup like Aqua Make Up, latex appliances, colourful makeup kits, makeup pencils, nail polish, lipstick, coloured hairspray, child make-up, blood capsules, fx blood and vampire fangs.

The amazing range of Carnival and Halloween make-up here at Karneval Universe helps you to realize your makeup ideas and to turn yourself into a completely crazy character. For all fans of horror and gore we offer creepy, realistic looking foam latex appliances. LARP fans will love our lifelike latex wound appliances while Cosplay fans might prefer deminic or beastlike horns, ears and noses. All these pieces are made of latex, they have to be applied to the skin with spirit gum and made look perfect with makeup. Karneval Universe alos offers a great selection of classic Carnival makeup, cremee makeups, fake tattoos, beards, face paint, colourful hair spray and much much more...
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