Latex Appliances & Wounds

Become a makeup artist and mask maker with our latex wounds! With latex appliances like devil horns, witch noses and elf ears your can add a professional touch to your makeup.

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Latex Appliances and Wounds

With our great special makeupeffects you can become a makeup artist

With our huge selection of latex appliances you can become a professional makeup artist and create fantastic looks. It is the special make-up and extraordinary looks that makea Halloween party or theme party a special event. Latex appliances like horns, ears, noses and horrible wound prosthetics have to be applied to the skin with spirit gum. Once applied you need makeup and fx bloood to add the finishing touch to to your look.

We offer a huge selection of latex appliances. Have a look at our devil and demon horns for LARP fans and check out cuts and lacerations, fake scars, oozing wounds and compound fractures for casualty simulations! Find latex warts for your witch makeup and add vampire ears and a troll nose. With our latex appliances you can let your imagination run wild and create professional makeups.
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