Latex Noses

With noses Latex Special Make Up Application to professional make-up make-up effects make themselves

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Latex noses

Latex noses Special makeup application

With latex noses, many special characters can be represented, which would not be seen without their extraordinary nose.Often fails a good "look like a make-up" to the special physical characteristic of a person.With the most important characteristic feature of the face is the nose.With latex noses as an application, it is now easy to make it at the professional make-up artists and equip yourself with a distinctive nose.

Latex noses as an application

Latex noses and mastics are usually with skin adhesive, called, adhered to the skin and then adjusted with stage make-up or make-up your own skin tone.After use, the latex noses can be easily removed again and can be reused in most cases.Breathing is through the latex noses and their nostrils no problem.If you want even greater nostrils, these can easily be cut or extended with a fine nail scissors in the latex noses.

Diverse characters as latex noses

There are a variety of latex noses, which provide for astonishment, horror or amusement depending on the size and shape over again.How about the classic red clown or the famous Pinocchio nose grew longer sheer lies.The classic, crooked witch nose there as well as terribly disfigured zombie, monster Goblin or noses.

Latex noses for realistic accident representation

There are many more opportunities in latex noses are used, one of which is the realistic representation of the accident, shortly called RUD.In the realistic representation of the accident there are usually the adjustment of accidents and disasters for maneuver by the German Armed Forces, firefighters or paramedics.With the dramatic representation of nasal fractures, head injuries and severe wounds then the future savior, personnel or soldiers are trained for their future tasks.The latex noses help to make the accident look as real as possible.,
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