Latex Wounds

Wounds Latex & Latex applications for your Carnival and Carnival Make Up. Schminke thyself wounds latex like the pros in Hollywood

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Latex Wounds

Become a latex wounds Special Make Up effect for artist

Hollywood and the film industry swear by latex wounds, when it comes to represent blatant splatter effects or realistic accidents.With latex wounds fall into the dream factory and in a wide variety of theater makeup effects bring to life.Why not put on Halloween itself with latex wound as a zombie, accident victims or injured soldier your fellow man in fear and terror.

Make-up latex wounds himself

Did you ever want to look like a zombie with open cheekbones or rather once dressed as a witch with a long nose? Then latex wounds or latex applications are the best choice.You will notice that it is quite easy to install latex wounds.Latex applications are usually a bit pre-make-up and just have to skin adhesive for.B.Mastic be adhered to the corresponding location.Thus the transitions of latex wound to the skin are perfectly hidden and concealed, it is painted with latex milk or scar wax on the edges finely discontinued.At the end of the latex wounds must only be set with Halloween makeup or fake blood perfectly.

Alternatives to latex wounds

Many people are allergic to latex, and therefore need to traditional latex wounds an alternative.For some time wounds, ears and offered special effect wounds from gelatin or melon extract.These have to latex wounds the advantage that they are free of latex, and may even be dispensed with in part on the skin adhesive.The alternatives do not need to hide from the latex wounds described above! Priced alternatives to the conventional latex wounds are usually on par ora little bit about.

Application examples of latex wounds

With latex applications and latex wounds your imagination are no limits and there are a variety of models.First you have to decide character for a Make Up you.No matter whether it is applications to elf ears, devil ears or the famous Zombie zipper is in the latex, latex and latex wounds applications are available for almost every area of ??disguising.LARP, Science ficton characters or mythical creatures, hardly a character who is not a great makeup could achieve with latex applications up effect.The latex applications are available in a wide variety and include: devils and demons horns, various cuts, artificial scars, festering boils, glass and shrapnel wounds to the realistic representation of the accident.For the Witches Make Up Latex warts, vampire ears, bald film and elf ears are available.With our Halloween latex applications you can be the artist himself.

Latex Wounds for realistic accident representation RUD

Quite apart from the entertainment industry such as film and theater, there are professions that use latex wounds as means to an end! Professional trainers of fire services, civil protection and accident helpers learn the basis of latex applications to deal with disasters and accidents.Thus, the horror scenarios in the fire drill or maneuvers look dramatically real, are latex wounds for the realistic representation of the accident, shortly called RUD used.A lot of effort are the future workers, rescuers and soldiers with latex applications, prepared for their later use traumatic situation.

Latex Wounds and latex applications must therefore in any Make Up Artists missing !.
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