Artificial Nails

Fantastic looking artificial nails as costume accessories. Extravagant painted or decorated fingernails belong as a beauty product at any carnival appearance it!

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Artificial nails

Drive your artificial claws

With artificial nails, you can make your costume extravagant! An exceptional nail makeup enchant your hands, making them by artificial nails to the artwork.Nowadays, these are indistinguishable from genuine hardly and it is available in a wide variety.

Artificial nails as individual works of art

From fingernails with glittering stones on beautiful painted art selection is towards UV-active or bloody-looking artificial nails for Halloween or horror parties.Long claws in Tiger design there as well as the leopard or the patriotic-looking camouflage look.With artificial nails can turn his hands quickly, and so creepy witch fingernails are just as important as battered Zombie Nails or the classic French Nails of the fine lady.

Order now artificial nails for your individual costume! ,
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