Coloured Hairspray and Hair Dye

-With coloured hair spray you can temporarily change the colour of your hair or add a few highlights to your hairdo. Order your coloured hairspray now!

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Coloured Hair Spray and Hair Dye

With coloured hairspray and flashy hair dyes you can change your look dramatically

Coloured hairspray is a cool way to change your looks or to try out a new hair colour without it having to be permanent. With our colourful hair sprays youcan try out a lot of things without putting lots of chemicals on your hair or spending a fortune at the hair dresser's. With our coloured hair spray you can try turning yourself into a crazy punk with a mohawk hairstyle or into a zombie with streaky greyish white hair.

Once you have found your style and colour, you can use our Directions Hair Dye to colour your hair a bit more permanently. Directions semi permanent hair dye last longer than just a spray and only fade with time. If you have dark hair, you might need to bleach your hair before dying it with Directions hair colours in order to attain a perfect result.
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