Kermit Costume

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Kermit Costume

The happy frog is Miss Piggy's prince charming!

Kermit has been on tv since 1955 and since 1975 he runs the Muppet show - on stage and behind the scenes. Miss Piggy, the high-flying femalestar of the show, finds all that glamour absolutel irresistible and bombards Kermit with proofs of her love. Some people simply don't want their frog to turn into a prince - especially when the frog is called Kermit. Maybe you will get to know a swinish lady, too when dressed up in this frog costume?

The Kermit Costume includes the frog head mask, green top and green gloves. The frog's mouth is opened wide and reveals your face under the mask. Kermit's characteristic jagged collar is attached to the bottom side of the mask in order to cover the neckline of the top. The green gloves turn your hands into Kermit's fidgety frog fingers. Our Miss Piggy Wig is the perfect hairtdo for a glamour pig, your best friend should wear the Muppet Costume Fozzie Bear and the beastly drummer of the show hides his face behind a Muppets Animal Mask.

  • Includes: frog head mask, top, gloves
  • Colour: green
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Frogs' legs are NOT included in the costume set!