Halloween Costumes

Cool Halloween costumes for all fans of ghosts and spooks. We offer Halloween costumes for babies, kids and adults and even for your dog! Discover our huge selection of Halloween costumes!

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Fantastic Costumes for Halloween

An extravagant Halloween outfit is perfect for Halloween and carnival parties and for the Zombie Walk!

At Karneval Universe you will find cool Halloween outfits like the Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, Carrie or Scream costume. The bloody nurse costume and the tortured convict are classic Halloween costumes, just like vampire capes and witch dresses. Since the fantasy film series Harry Potter and Twilight have conquered the hearts of young movie fans, spooky and magical costumes have become popular outfits for children's birthdy parties and theme parties. You will find a great selection of Halloween costumes in plus size and lots of Halloween costume accessories for those among you who prefer a custom made halloween costume.

Halloween is the craziest time of the year. We can transform ourselves into extravagant charaters, dark creatures and creepy monsters. All over the world Halloween is an extremely popular occasion to party, and especially in Germany the number of Halloween fans is constantly growing. The younger generation in particular prefers Halloween to the traditional German Carnival. If you want to celebrate Halloween and Carnival properly, you have to dress upa in a Halloween costume, join the street parades and parties and dance through the night. On Halloween we wear horrifying masks and scary Halloween costumes, we listen to loud music and throw spooky parties. On Halloween we escape from the daily grind by dressing up in halloween costumes and disguising ourselves with scary masks.
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