Halloween Costumes Men

In this category male Halloween fans will find the perfect outfit. We offer gory Halloween costumes for men like the Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Michael Myers or SAW costume and classic Halloween outfits like pirate costume and the zombie deluxe costume.

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Halloween Costumes for Men

Halloween is the night of vampires, zombies and serial killers!

Here at Karneval Universe you will find a great selection of Halloween costumes for gents. Halloween costumes for men are mostly rather gory and shocking. While the ladies prefer a sexy outfit, the guys like it bloody and scary. Discover our great costume selection for male Halloween fans!

Classic men's costumes like the monk costume, the killer mechanic outfit, the zombie deluxe costume and the Dr Darkness robe are just a few of our Halloween costumes for men. You will also find bloodied lab coats, a zombie mummy costume and a skeleton suit. It goes without saying that we also stock a lot of plus size Halloween costumes for men, so our big boys can enjoy Halloween and Carnival without having to lose weight until they really look like skeletons. At the Karneval Universe online store even the last fancy dress sourpuss will find a cool men's Halloween costume to change his mind about dressing up!
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