Magician Costume Red L

Item #: 17854 L

Magician Costume red L

The wizard costume from the Horror Shop is a super carnival costume for children's birthday parties and carnivals around the sweet keeping with cool magic tricks in check.

Wizards can a pact with evil conclude around the world to plunge into darkness or you are always on hand.Transform has sworn you with this noble magician costume red in a heroic magician to save the world from the darkness ,

The beautiful magician costume red consists of a noble floor-length tunic made of red velvet.The sleeve tops and the middle part of the wizard costume is red black Samststoff decorated with silver stars.The transition from red to black velvet fabric is decorated with a beautiful silver decorative border.The beautiful magician costume red is a black pointy wizard hat, with a padded silver border and printed silver stars.The indispensable costume accessory to this beautiful magician costume is a red White Wizard Wig and Beard and a Hunchback black cat ,Gloves, wig and beard and crystal ball and wand not included.

Size L

material of Magician Costume red :

  • 85% Polyester
  • 5% metal-colored glitter
  • 10% Nylon

Material of the magician Huts:

  • 35% foam
  • 15% Nylon
  • 5% Metallfabenes Glitter