Super Mario Costume Large

Item #: 18566 L

Super Mario Deluxe Costume Large

Transform yourself with this cool Super Mario DLX Costume in the sweet plumber

The plumber is made through the success of the Nintendo video game Super Mario the most famous video game character.The original licensed Super Mario DLX Costume mustachioed plumber consists of a blue overalls and a long-sleeved red top as coveralls.At the makers of Super Mario overalls, a yellow button is attached respectively.The classic Super Mario DLX Costume is also in the typical Mario mustache and cool Super Mario hat.

The highlight of this fantastic Super Mario DLX costume is an inflatable belly, so that you have the correct Super Mario character.This ingenious video game costume is perfect for Carnival, Halloween and theme parties.Mach to save you with the Super Mario DLX Costume as funny plumber on your princess Peach from the evil Bowler.

  • Size: large
  • Material: 100% Polyester