Red Devils 1-Daily Contact Lenses

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Red Devils 1-Daily Contact Lenses

Classic red devil lenses for cool Halloween make-up effects

The red devil 1-day contact lenses let your horror make-up really come into its own and the Satan costume gets a Hollywood-tyre appearance through the fiery red motive lenses. The red Devil lenses are a classic among the special make-up effects & are the absolute hit for Halloween & horror events.

With the red devil 1-day contact lenses you can change your eye color to match your Halloween costume. The red motif lenses are also the perfect accessory for your Devil costume. These lenses are suitable for all eye types. The best thing to order with the red devil's lenses is the Devil Makeup Stack.

delivery: 1 x Red Devil 1-day contact lenses

  • Contents: 1 pair
  • Colour: Red
  • Type: soft contact lenses
  • Material: 58% Polyhema, 42% Water content
  • Radius (BC): 8.70 mm
  • Diameter (DIA): 14.50 mm
  • Without diopters (without vision)
  • 1 day applicable, with appropriate care

Care instructions for your contact lenses

With the cosmetic, soft contact lenses you have selected a quality product that has been manufactured according to international standards. Please read these instructions carefully and always observe them to ensure safe and comfortable use of the lenses and the best possible visibility. Please keep this information sheet for future reference.

You should never wear the lenses for more than 10 hours at a time.

instructions for use

Only touch your lenses with clean, dry hands.

When opening the package for the first time, make sure that the lens is undamaged and completely surrounded by liquid.

Do not use if the packaging is damaged or the lens has dried out.

It is essential that the lenses are removed from the packaging before first use and left in fresh lens solution for at least 4 hours before wearing for the first time.

The contact lenses can only be worn after this according to these instructions. Please follow all further care instructions exactly.


1. remove a lens from its packaging.

Place the lens on the index finger of your right hand and make sure the lens is upside down.

3. hold up your upper eyelid with the index and middle fingers of your left hand while pulling down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of your right hand.

You can now insert the lens into the eye.

Repeat steps 1 - 4 with the left lens.


Look up and press the lower edge of the lens together with a finger and thumb while gently holding the lower eyelid down, then take it out of your eye.

Cleaning and disinfection

Always follow the instructions on the bottles of the lens solution. If your lenses dry out, they are extremely sensitive and must therefore be treated very carefully.

In such a case, place the lenses in fresh lens solution for at least 4 hours. Clean and disinfect them again and check carefully for damage. If you are not sure if the lenses are damaged, consult an eye care professional before wearing again.


We recommend that you consult an eye care professional who can explain how to use a lens properly and practice with you.


Please always remember that the health of your eyes is crucial for a clear view. Please do not take any risks resulting from neglect or vanity and always follow the instructions below.

1) We recommend that you visit an eye care professional if you have questions about the correct use of these lenses.

2. use lens solution only once at a time.

3 Always follow the instructions on the packaging of your lens solution regarding storage time and handling.

4. remove the lenses and consult an eye care professional if your eyes become painful, red, watery, or if your vision is impaired by reflective light or color spots.

Remove the lenses before going to bed or lying down for a long time.

6 Keep your nails short, as long fingernails can damage the lenses.

7. do not wear lenses if you are already being treated by an eye care professional or consult an eye care professional.

8 Never use saliva to moisten or clean the lens.

Do not wear your contact lenses when using eye medication or eye drops.

10 Never wear your lenses if they are damaged or scratched, or if they have deposits that you cannot remove.

11) Do not apply make-up to your eyes until you have inserted the lenses and do not remove make-up until you have removed the lenses. If possible, use fibre-free, water-soluble make-up for the eyes and oil-free products.

Never use strong household cleaners when wearing your lenses.

Never use household products (e.g. disinfectants) or power water to clean your contact lenses or lens containers. This can cause considerable damage to your eyes.

14 Do not wear your lenses in smoky or humid environments.

Keep the storage containers clean at all times.

16 Do not swim with your lenses unless you wear waterproof goggles.

17. Keep lenses out of the reach of children.

18. prevent hairspray or other cosmetic sprays from coming into contact with your contact lenses.

19 Do not wear your lenses if you are surrounded by harmful or skin-irritating smoke.

20 Do not share your lenses with another person.

21 Wearing effect lenses while driving is prohibited.