Wood Elf Costume Green XLarge

Item #: 15740 XL

Wood Elf Costume Green XL

Sexy Elf Costume in Tall Sizes

Nymphs and elves are female deities in mythology and appear as personifications of natural forces everywhere in nature.This charitable, ethereal spirits of places, the mountains, trees, meadows, springs or caves are not always bound to this and roam around freely rather.The noisy world of people avoid them.

Our beautiful elf costume is made of shiny tricot fabric in the color of fresh foliage.The upper part is laced at the front and is held by a halter, the feathery tailored skirt emphasizes the seductive look of the dress.the playful Nymph is complemented by the beautiful Bat wings purple / metallic in the optics of a dragonfly.Suitable for our Elf would be the appropriate Elf Ears Latex or Moon Elf Ears . Snake Eyes Fairy Make Up Kit and for the partner maybe a King and Dwarf Beard ,Beings of Greek mythology as the Spartan Warrior Costume or Cleopatra Costume. XL 44-46 you'll find also in super premium quality.

  • Size: XL corresponds to 42-44, Material: 100% Polyester

The costumes from the Premium Collection are characterized by a high-quality finish.The fabrics used are valent and heavy, there coming materials such as rayon, velvet, brocade, chiffon, tricot and lace are used which are decorated partly richly embroidered with beautiful colored bands and they are closed with proper zippers or buttons.