Apron with blood spatter

Item #: 24194

Apron with blood spatter

Funny Cooking Apron with bloody Design

Oute you a true horror fan and get the awesome apron with blood splatters for your kitchen.With the convenient cooking apron to protect your clothing and can additionally as gruesome human butcher costume at the next Halloween party use.

The apron with blood spatter has a length of ca.86 cm and a width of ca.62 cm and can be summed node fits with the bands in the neck and back for each.On the Cooking Apron Blutspritzer are printed in two different shades of red and a bloody handprint and at stomach height a bag with two compartments sewn.Dress up for Halloween as a brutal butchers and combine the cooking apron with the Butcher & Butcher hatchet as costume accessories and the Zombie Butcher Mask ,

Delivery : 1 x skirt with blood spatter

  • Color: white, red
  • Size: ca.86 cm long, ca.62 cm wide
  • Material: 85% cotton, 15% polyester
Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years, contains cords or tapes, there is strangulation.,