Autopsy vest special effects Costume 2 pieces

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Autopsy vest special effects Costume 2 pieces

Realistic-looking torso with autopsy scars to open

The Zombie vest is the hammer for each Zombie Walk or splatter-horror film to be rotated.The realistic looking, male corpse Took the torso is applied like a vest.On the front of the two-piece vest autopsy are on the upper body still clearly the traces of the autopsy to see.The classic Y incision over the sternum goes to the pubis and can then unfold as in reality.The exposed front the zombie autopsy vest shows ribs and bloody innards.As back shows the autopsy vest at the back a large gaping wound, is seen at the shreds of flesh and the backbone.Sacrifice an old shirt or Jakett and drag the on on the zombie torso.Cutting you where you want them a big hole, so can admire every your autopsy scars

The upper body with cuts and postmortem lividity is made of latex and is laterally fixed with Velcro straps.Extremely realistic acts autopsy vest if you the Latex Waist with our Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml and Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml treat and so "fresh open" appearance suggests.

  • Delivery: 1x zombie autopsy vest consisting of 2 parts
  • Size: Adult size, life-size
  • Material: Latex