LED strobe white with 3 color filters

Item #: 25042

LED strobe white with 3 color filters

Cooler, einstelbarer light effect for your Halloween parties

The stroboscope is one of the most effective lighting effects to conjure up a creepy atmosphere and eerie atmosphere for the Halloween party.Bright flashes and dramatic lighting effect produced by the white strobe or the color filters provided. 3With the colors white, orange, purple and green are effects such as "threatening thunderstorm", "magical witchcraft" or broddelndes fire can be displayed.

With a strobe light, entire rooms or einzelen decorative elements can illuminate and spooky set the scene.The white strobe has an adjustable speed and can be converted with the included color filters nor in other colors.The stroboscope is battery powered, batteries included!

  • Scope of supply: 1 x LED stroboscope white with 3 color filters
  • Colour: Housing black, light white - color filter orange, violet, green
  • Size: Cm x12 cm 12
  • different speeds adjustable