Halloween Bugs & Insects

Revolting plastic bugs are must have Halloween accessories! With our cool plastic bugs and insects you are guaranteed to shock your party guests! We offer the classic Halloween creatures like bats, spiders, cockroaches and maggots and more creepy crawlies

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Halloween Insects & Bugs

Plastic insects and bugs make an important part of a spooky Halloween decoration.

You can't create a cool Halloween decoration without some (or lots of) revolting plastic bugs. Big fat plastic spiders lurking in their fake cobwebs, disgusting, shiny cockroaches hiding in your kitchen or bathroom or yucky plastic rats crawling from your cellar are just a some of the traditional Halloween creatures. There are lots of beasts that make people shiver and it doesn't matter if you use slimy maggots, big black flies or black ravens to decorate your Halloween party, as long as they give guests the creeps. Create dramatic decorations with our little plastic creepy crawlies and enjoy the disgust and revulsion on your friends faces!

Horror insects and bugs like fast running beetles and wet and slimy looking creepy crawlies will send shivers down your guests' spines. This is why plastic bugs are a super Hallowen decoration and the perfect practical joke device to scare your guest.
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