Mutated House Fly 15 Cm

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Mutated house fly 15 cm

Gigantic big meat fly as disgusting Halloween decoration

Our mutant fly is the ideal decoration for Halloween. Scare your friends with our realistic looking plastic fly and make for the ultimate party shocker. Also as an animal vermin decoration the black fake fly is a creepy decoration item!

The mutated fly is about 15 cm tall and is made of plastic. As Halloween vermin decoration it is suitable as well as a Halloween joke article. Combine it with ours Mutated Beetle 18 Cmfor even more insect nemesis!

delivery : 1 x mutated housefly 15 cm

  • Colour: black, green
  • Size: approx. 15 cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Detailed processing
  • Impressive size as an eye-catcher