Halloween Party CDs & DVDs

A Halloween party with spooky sound effects is guaranteed to become a success. Our Halloween CDs and DVDs include perfect party sound s like rolling thunder, monstrous howls and terrifying screams.

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Halloween Party CDs and DVDs

Our creepy monster sounds and howls of wolves are not for the faint of heart

It is the spooky music and scary sound effects that make horror movies really suspenseful and gory. So if you want to throw a successful Halloween party, you want to make sure to have a CD with scary sound effects. At Karneval Universe you will find the perfect musical background and spooky sound effects for your Halloween event.

Our Halloween CDs and DVDs include the ideal background sound for your ghost party with rolling thunder, horrfying howl of wolfes and bloodcurdling screams. With our Halloween special effect DVDs you can make zombies and monsters step out of your tv screen.
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