Eyeliner Extensions Eye Tattoo Party Style

Item #: 660146

Eyeliner Extensions Eye Tattoo Party Style

Self-adhesive Flick Tips for perfect gothic make-ups!

Our party style eye tattoos are the ultimate eyeliner sensation. Flick Tips are self-adhesive eyeliner extensions for an always perfect look! With these makeup stickers you will be able to create amazing gothic makeups and turn yourself into a beautifukl Black Swan. Different designs will help you to change your look every time and you will not have to worry about lopsided lines anymore. 

You love to wear eyeliner, but you are scared you won't be able to draw even lines? These eye tattoos are the perfect solution for your problem! The stylish black eyliner extensions come in different styles. The party style Flick Tips include 5 pairs in different designs. A straight line or magic wings, each pack of these fancy eye makeup stickers contains designs enabling you to achieve varied looks to suit the occasion. Flick Tips are self adhesive, so you just have to place them onto the right spot. Best use them on clean skin. If you ramove the eye tattoos carefully, you will be able to reuse them several times. Once the adhesive has worn off, you can use some eyelash adhesive or Mastix spirit gum small to apply them. besides the eye-catching party style Flick Tips we also stock the less adorned style: Eyeliner Extensions Eye Tattoo Classic Style.

Contains 5 pairs in different designs

When taken off, product may cause reddened skin, which is caused by the lack of oxygen to the skin while wearing the tattoos. The redness will disappear after a few minutes.