Scar Putty Make Up

Item #: 19163

Scar Putty Make Up

Turn yourself into an authentic scar face with this Halloween putty makeup!

Besides all the wound appliances which are so popular on Halloween you can create a perfectly scarred face with this professional Halloween makeup!

Gently apply the Scar Putty Make Up on the part of skin you want to have scarred and spread it. Add some Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml and Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml to create a realistic and bloody look. When you want to remove yourscar makeup, simply use some baby oil on a tissue. Finally use a washrag to wash with warm water and soap.

The scar makeup includes: 1 jar of scar putty (Net Wt 10,7 g), Warning: Use only for adults!

  • cool horror makeup for Halloween
  • create impressive scars with this fantastic scar putty