No Glue Double Horns

Item #: 19535

No Glue Double Horns

Fancy a bit more horn?

Halloween is the night of demons, fairy tale creatures, ghosts and of Satan himself. Horns are a main charachteristic of all creatures of the night. And if you fancy a little more horn, these double horns are the perfect costume accessory for you! 

The Double Horns consist of a bigger and a smaller horn. These latex horns don't need to be applied with spirit gum, but have to be tied to your head by means of an invisible, thin, transparent cord. This is why, unlike other latex appliances, you can put the horns even on top of your hair. The No Glue Double Horns will look great with any kind of demon or fairy tale creature outfit, e.g. our Devilish Countess Costume XXL or the Elegant Devil Costume. A great costume accessory for Halloween, carnival or theme parties!

Additional information: 

  • No Glue Double Horns
  • Can be fastened on hair
  • Reusable
  • Material: latex
  • Size: 5 x 4 cm