Saw Blade Wound

Item #: 19607

Saw Blade Wound

A cool horror accessory, guaranteed to shock!

Grim Reaper, zombie, skeleton - are classic Halloween costumes. With this cool Saw Blade Wound you are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention and shocked looks. A must have accessory for any horror fan!

The Saw Blade Wound looks absolutely horrifying, but is completely safe. The fake circular saw blade is made of foam rubber and attached to elastic straps. Strap on the wound and move it into the right position. Take a t-shirt and cut a hole in the place where you want the saw blade to stick out. Put on the t-shirt and pull the saw blade thought the hole and in sight. Add the finishing touch to your horror outfit by putting some Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml on the shirt and the saw blade! 

Includes: strap-on circular saw blade, the  t-shirt and fake blood are not included
  • Material: straps made of polyester, saw blade made of foam rubber
  • Measurements: saw blade diameter approx. 19 cm
  • Size: one size adult