Blood SFX Waterproof Make-Up Palette 5 Colors

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Blood SFX Waterproof Make-Up Palette 5 colors

Alcohol activating professional make-up for make-up artists and make-up artists

With the alcohol-activated professional make-up, extremely fine and professional-looking make-up effects can be created, which are otherwise reserved only for make-up artists. The special thing about it is that the 5-color SFX make-up palette is waterproof and your make-up can withstand sweat, rain, shower or other activities in the water without running or being washed off. The Blood SFX Waterproof Make-up Palette is ideally suited to guarantee long-lasting make-up and special effects that play in the water.

The Blood SFX Waterproof Make-up Palette manufactured by Hollywood Profies consists of 5 different blood colors, activator liquid, brush and sponge. To the application: Please clean the skin beforehand with isopropanol alcohol or water and soap. Then apply a small amount or a few drops of activator liquid to the previously dry make-up paint(s) and leave to work for about 1 minute. Apply the activated make-up to the desired area with a brush or sponge. You can immerse the brush in isopropanol alcohol (91-99%) to refine the effect. In contrast to conventional fat make-up, the make-up dries quickly and is waterproof after drying and does not stain.

Use alcohol (91-99%) or warm water with soap to remove isopropanol.

delivery: 1 x Blood SFX Alcohol Activated Make-Up Palette 5 colors

  • Contents: 1 x palette of 5 colours, 1 x alcohol activator bottle, 1 x sponge, 1 x brush
  • Colour: Fresh Blood, Dried Blood, Vein Blood, Aged Blood, Mauve
  • Realistic colours
  • Quick drying
  • Waterproof
  • Activated with isopropanol Alcohol

Attention: Not suitable for young people under 14 years. May discolor clothing. May stain skin temporarily, please do not rub or scrape off the skin. Do not use next to eyes, nose, ears and mouth. To remove isopropanol use alcohol (91-99%) or warm water with soap.