Grim Reaper with wings Animatronic

Item #: 19617

Grim Reaper with wings Animatronic

Halloween skeleton with moving wings & LED Eyes

What do we think of death, the gateway to life.It's always the same souls return.We are always together with the same souls.Death is certain, life and not for death of man, there is no medicine.

The Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration with black, movable dragon wings, gerlumptem black dress is a brilliant decoration idea.The head, ribs and bony hands of this skeleton hanging figure are made of lightweight plastic, the lower jaw is movable.Is the sound detector activated beginnnt the creepy haunted laughter, the red LED eyes of his friend Hein Animatronic begin to shine, the head moves and the Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration begins with the wings to beat.The arms of the Dekofigur are flexible.With the Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration can be a scary haunted house or graveyard testify atmosphere.The Grim Reaper Hanging Prop Animatronic with wings you can also wonderful with many decorating ideas such.ExampleTalking Skull cage Animatronic and Mummified Zombie Animatronic or Walking Ghost Animatronic combine and your horror Location is perfect.


  • Hanging Decoration with movable head and wings
  • red glowing LED eyes with sound alarm is activated
  • creepy haunted laugh
  • Size: ca.127 cm long, wingspan about120 cm
  • Garment material: gauze-like fabric, 100% polyester
  • flexible arms and wings

Note: requires 3 AA batteries, batteries are not included