Professional TV Tooth Varnish Zombie Decay

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Professional TV Tooth Varnish Zombie Decay

Crass tooth shade as special make-up effect

Treat yourself to a special make-up effect with professional TV Tooth Lacquer Zombie Decay as you know it from professional horror movies. The disgusting looking Zombie Decay Professional TV Tooth Polish allows you to make your teeth look rotten and rotten in the color of a bloodthirsty zombie. As a make-up artist and make-up artist, you can use the brownish tooth shade to create extremely coarse-looking effects that give your teeth a completely different look.

The professional tooth varnish is applied to the previously dried teeth with the enclosed brush or with a sponge and fingertip. It is best to apply the Zombie Rot Tooth Varnish layer by layer so that you can control the desired color intensity. Wait about 1-3 minutes for it to dry. The non-toxic tooth varnish lasts up to 12 hours and can be removed when brushing teeth with toothpaste.

delivery: 1 x Professional TV Tooth Varnish Zombie Decay

  • Colour: Brown/Olive
  • Content: approx 6 ml
  • approx 200 applications possible
  • Film & Professional Make-Up Quality
  • lasts up to 12 hours
  • Professional make-up effect for make-up artists

The tooth varnish is a special make-up accessory for professionals. Suitable for ages 14 and over. The tooth varnish can temporarily stain clothing, skin and teeth. Avoid using the varnish near the eyes, nose and ears. The tooth varnish can be removed from the teeth with toothpaste. Please do not use it on dentures, a permanent discolouration cannot be excluded.