Zombie Mommy & Baby Halloween Animatronic

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Zombie Mama & Baby Halloween Animatronic

Professional ghost train decoration with movement & sound for Halloween parties

We have seen many lonely zombie characters, but meanwhile there are so many different Zombie Animatronics! Our Zombie Mama & Baby Halloween Animatronic is a very special eye-catcher among these life-size ghost train figures. The loving mother rocks her baby on her arm, who is more dead than alive, just like her. She sings and talks to her child in a calming way that she will always take care of it. In this last embrace, the two are trapped for all eternity - what a tragic story!

The Zombie Mama & Baby Halloween Animatronic can be placed on any chair and after activation it will bounce back and forth with your baby. For the best effect, put the ingenious Animatronic figure on a rocking chair. To prevent the figure from slipping off the chair while rocking, the zombie mommy has to be fixed to the chair with the non-moving part. The Halloween animatronic figure can be activated by complete continuous operation, continuous operation with sound activation by the included doormat or completely by the doormat. The language of the zombie mommy is English and easy to understand - moreover very authentic due to the gentle voice. Further Halloween props and ghost train figures are the Ringel, Ringel, Series Animatronic With Soundand our Rocking Skeleton Boy Animatronic.

Scope of supply: 1x Zombie Mommy & Baby Halloween Animatronic

  • Contents: 1x Zombie Mommy & Baby Halloween Animatronic, 1x floor mat with activation function
  • 3 functions: Continuous operation, continuous operation with sound activation by doormat or complete activation by doormat
  • Sound language: English
  • Colour: blue, grey, green, brown
  • Material: metal, plastic, polyester, electronics
  • Adapter for German connection included
  • Fantastic Halloween animatronic with movement & sound
  • Chair not included

Attention: It is important that the Halloween Animatronic is placed in a free-standing position, protected from access by party guests. The Halloween Animatronic has sensitive electronics that can break down if, for example, the figure is prevented from moving. Professional Halloween animatronics are basically decoration articles to look at and not to touch! The Halloween Animatronic is an indoor decoration and can only be used outdoors if it has a dry canopy!