Sack Full Of squeaking mice

Item #: 18081

Sack Full Of squeaking mice

Halloween Decoration with Sound nightmare as many women!

Mice and rats are hated and feared, so what could be better to use the rodents As joke or Halloween decoration by most people.The whole bag full squeaking mice is the perfect Halloween decoration items to ensure that the witches' kitchen, the dark stairwell or the dark pantry to decorate.

The black bag full of squeaky mice consists of black mesh, a mountain of Kunsstoffmäusen equipped with noise detector.As soon as someone comes close and is a noise, the mice squeak out loud and seem no longer to calm.A big shock is guaranteed !.The sack full squeaky mice for hanging is a cool Halloween Animatronic while delivering laughs and goosebumps.

Scope of delivery: 1x bag full quieckender mice

  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: ca.40 cm high, around18cm diameter
  • Material: latex / plastic,