Horror Clown Hanging Prop 50cm

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Horror Clown Hanging Prop 50cm

Creepy Clown for people with clown-phobia

Since the mega hit movie of Stephen King's novel ES many Halloween parties and Carnival balls are filled with horror clowns and circus monster.Of course, is also a cool idea to put his Halloween party under the Circus of Horror theme, there are many horror masks and Halloween costumes for both sexes, such as eerie Pepino Clown Mask for him and Clown costume with Neonpunkten for her.At the perfect circus of horror decoration, it also does not lack.This allows fairly quickly, a normal living room, with Steinwand film . Freaky Fabric Beige Deconet and Cobweb 40gr white. transform into a dark and sinister old circus tent.

The Clown hanging figure is best adapted to hang from the ceiling and to decorate the counter of a circus Lounge.The hanging figure of ghastly grinning clown has a skull and skeletal hands made of plastic, has a colorful clown costume and sees his model Penny Wise very similar.The nasty little horror clown is also a very nice gift for the host a theme party.

1 x Horror Clown Hanging Figure

  • Size about.50cm