Knopfaugen Betsy Dekofigur

Item #: 15623

Knopfaugen Betsy Dekofigur

Sweet does it look like that little button eyes Betsy Dekofigur, in their fluffy pajamas

But on the second Durchblicker sees the grisly truth.The suit Halloween decoration is sullied all over with the blood of their victims and the blond braids are not spared.The gloves of the ghost train decoration figure and the once pristine white plush bunny that keeps them in one hand, are soaked with blood.The decorative figure of little madman wearing a creepy mask that seems to be made of human skin, and instead of eyes they have big round buttons.With the bloody Schlachterbeil that she holds in her hand she certainly up to no good shields.

The Psycho Killer decorative figure is all the 160 cm high and can be broken down to 100 cm.More Dekofiguren as Crazy Eddy Deco Prop and Porcelain Paula Deco Prop you'll find in the webshop.

  • Material: PU foam, polyurethane, latex, 100% synthetic hair,
  • Dress: 100% Polyester