Reaper Hanging Figure Black

Item #: 21600

Reaper Hanging Figure Black

Halloween skeleton figure with black bangle dress approx. 50 cm tall

The perfect ceiling decoration for your Halloween party is the hanging figure of the black Reaper with wings. He hovers over your guests and, depending on the ceiling, he also touches his heads with his black shreds. The wings spread out give the death-tree an exquisite reason why it floats up there.

The Reaper hanging figure black has flexible arms and wings, so both can be spread wide. The grinning skull and skeleton hands are made of plastic, the rest consists of two layers of black fabric, the upper is woven in spiderwebs, the lower is tightly woven. On the head is a loop for hanging. Other evil souls would be one Ghosts Animatronic , the REAPER Standing Prop Black and the Flying Reaper Animatronic ,

  • Delivery: 1x Reaper hanging figure black
  • Colour: black
  • Dimensions : Wingspan approx. 50 cm, wings arms approx. 42 cm, total length approx. 54 cm
  • Material: Plastic; material