Cauldron small with chain

Item #: 18209

Cauldron small with chain

our cauldron small with chain you can with Halloween candy as our Colorful monster Lollys Fill and your Halloween guests enchant.You can these small cauldron with liquid magic drinks fill as this in the middle does not have a hole., The small cauldron is a very nice Halloween table decoration and can be used in many ways.That your cauldron small with chain for the Halloween Party still looks horrible and you have a candy-collecting even better cards, you can with him Artificial cobwebs 60gr. and small disgust insects decorate.With the right witch costume and matching Witch is this black cauldron also a eerie accessory for the Walpurgis Night That night all witches ,

Height: 9 cm, diameter: 14 cm, chain length approx 17thcm

Material: Plastic