Rusty Iron Chain Made Of Plastic

Item #: 19622

Rusty Iron Chain Made Of Plastic

Immediately you are placed in chains

The rusty iron chain is a funny accessory for bachelor parties. So you can give your buddy already a small pre-taste, as the marriage life will feel. Likewise, the plastic chain in iron optics fits as decoration for torture chambers, ghost houses and prisons.

The rusty iron chain consists of 27 links and is a total of approx. 180 cm long. In some places, a silvery metal luster shines through, but predominantly the plastic chain is covered with a matte brown-gray, which creates a deceptively genuine rust-optics. To look like a real heavy-duty criminal, you dress with the best Convict Costume Jailbird Or the convict Costume ,

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color gray
  • Dimensions: chain approx. 180 cm long, chain link approx. 11 cm long