Teddy Scares Rita Mortis 22cm

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Teddy Scares Rita Mortis 22cm

When you were a child, your Zombie Teddy Bear bear was there to love you and protect you from the dark. Now that you're grown and your childhood friend is long forgotten, it returns! 'Cause your cuddly toy never forgot about you!

Rita Mortis:

You've been feeling safe ever since Rita Mortis got locked up, but man you are so wrong! She'll never forget what you've done to her! She has spent most of her childhood drawing people without heads. Last Monday morning they've found her dead body in the prison cell. After being lonely and rejected by society for so many years, she had put an end to her miserable life and hanged herself.

The teddy is made of soft plush and about 16cm high. It comes in a plastic body bag, right out of the morgue!!

If you want to give Rita an extra bloody touch, just use some Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml and Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml