Disgust spiders 50 pieces

Item #: 14371

Disgust spiders 50 pieces

Fiese spiders scare for Arachnophobiker!

What would a Halloween or horror decoration without the dreaded 8-legged friend? The 50 small nasty pests are suitable for hervoragend creepy decorating tables, walls, bedspreads and everything where you'd rather not find any disgust spider.

The black plastic spiders on the underside of a small plastic ring, which can be cut in order to unclip, to thread or to sew the disgust spider on clothing.The combination of our ultra-realistic Cobwebs Spray , the Freaky Fabric Deconet black and the Cobwebs victims LED eyes also leaves the hartgesottesten horror fan the neck hair stand on end.Our small disgust spider in conjunction with other horror decorations from the Horror Shop are perfect for your Halloween party and other scary events.

Contents: 50 pieces Material: Plastic

Attention, only suitable for decorative purposes, not toys for children!