Hairy Disgusting Rat

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Hairy Disgusting Rat

Wherever there are people, as well as hairy disgusting rats are found, because by preference they feed not only of the remains, but go quite like sometimes in the pantries.

Because they also like hauling times vermin like fleas in the households, it is also no wonder that rats are considered to be carriers of diseases ,

These hairy disgusting rat is a rodent that transmitted the plague on the people in the old days.Also is said the rats, to communicate with sinister creatures like vampires.Moreover disgusting rats are precisely because of this negative attitude of people as creepy companions, which can then be used prima Halloween decoration.Our hairy disgusting rat has mud-colored fur, cute button eyes and incisors in the open mouth and is also ideally suited as a theater prop.For those who are not sufficiently dissuasive hairy disgusting rat, there Store in the Horror Squeezy Stripy Rat and the sickening Rats bottom sheet ,

Dimensions exclusive tail: 27 cm long, 8 cm wide, 10 cm high