Madhouse clothing costume

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Madhouse clothing costume

White straitjackets as Halloween Costume

The madhouse costume clothing is suitable for captured serial killer, psychopath or crazy wives who were just times like Hannibal Lecter, fine breakfast.The ingenious Halloween costume consists of a white top in the style of a straitjacket with long sleeves, which can be fixed on the back, white trousers and the obligatory bite block, as it already Hannibal Lecter wore in an asylum!

The eerie horror costume a straitjacket is loose and is therefore also suitable for larger people.Fits people up to about 100 kg.One Size.Imagine it as Hannibal Lecter a delicatessen plate along with Gammelfleisch brain . Hannibal Meat Market Heart and another delicacy from the Hannibal Meat Market collection.

  • 1 x madhouse clothing costume
  • Material: 44% polyester, 23% rayon, 33% cotton, mask: PVC