Nikolaus Santa Claus Child Costume M

Item #: 17020 M

Nikolaus Santa Claus Child Costume M

Am. 6December comes Santa Claus!

This Santa Claus Santa Claus Child Costume M you will to the American Santa Claus.In the USA, Santa Claus comes in the night of 24thfor 25thServed in December in his gaudy red Santa Claus costume to bestow the good children.

Our Santa Claus costume for children is one of our Christmas costumes and offers the red fleece and the numerous ornaments of white fake fur.The Santa Claus costume consists of jacket Nicholas, Father Christmas pants and the appropriate accessories such as the Santa Claus hat, belt, boot tops and the white gloves.And thus your companion are clad super Christmas, there is design to match your costume Nikolaus our Plush Santa Hat DLX ,

Size: M, roughly equivalent to 127-145

Material: Costume and gloves: 100% polyester, belt and boot tops: 100% leatherette