Hula Hoop Clown Costume

Item #: 18848

Hula Hoop Clown Costume

Classic clown costume with special Piff! The hula hoop provides the most striking appearance.

He has this, our clown stands out from the crowd is to think of something special and his colorful clown costume additionally provided the missed him the flashy rounding with a tire.

The white top with ruffled collar has many colorful polka dots, long sleeves and then flows seamlessly into a colorful striped pants.Between the top and the pants our Hula Hoop clown costume has sewn a tire can stick out the costume around.By moving back and forth, swinging the tire, giving the clown costume its funny look.To be perfectly dressed as Hula Hoop Clown You could maybe even the Vagabunden Shoes Brown and as the make-up Clown Make Up White to use.So you're not so lonely we have for you nor the Clown Damenkostm .

  • Material: 100% Polyester Size: One Size
  • Trumpet, clown wig and clown shoes are not domestic.