Trapper costume

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Trapper costume

Career with the Trapper costume to friend Old Shatterhand or Leatherstocking

A trapper in the untouched wilderness of America was adventurers, explorers, hunters and traders at once.He began fur animals, exploring unknown areas and often had contact with new Indian tribes.The Trapper gladly wore leather as the Indians, became famous especially her Bieber fur hat.Some animals they had at that time almost extinct, so successful were the trappers.

The Trapper costume consists of a shirt and pants made of synthetic leather as well as a belt and a Trapper Hat.The shirt is closed in front with lacing on the arms, hem, shoulders and chest, the shirt has leather fringes.The pants have fringe on the outer seam.The belt holds together the shirt, not the pants up.This is done by a elasticated waistband.The typical Bieber hat completes the costume.The Trapper still needs a Indian Tomahawk That American Indian Necklace and to a Ultra Long Beard Brown .

  • Scope of delivery : 1 x Trapper shirt, 1 x Trapper pants, 1x Trapper Belt, 1 x Trapper Hat
  • Material : Suede imitation
  • Color Light Brown
  • Size : One Size
Size: L / XL
Trapper Shirt: Shoulder Width: about55 cm
Arm length: about60 cm
Waist circumference: about110 cm
Total length: about90 cm
Trapper pants Waist:from 60 cm to 100 cm stretchable
Total length: about107 cm