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Bachelor Party Costumes

Numerous couples are still choosing the marriage of the marriage - that brings security, but also many obligations. The bachelor party was launched a long time ago for all those who want to go out and try again.

Bachelor party with historical roots

The bachelor's party has its origin in ancient Greece - even there the Spartans have already organized a great celebration for a comrade to whom the wedding is due. Other sources indicate that the bachelorette party tradition comes from the English-speaking region.

There is the stag night for men, where the future bridegroom is scrutinized by the father of the potential bride, and for women the hen night, in which all the female members of both families with coffee and cake are given details such as Wedding dress and wedding decoration. The Muslims, on the other hand, celebrate the henna night: the hands and fingers of the women are dyed red with henna - symbolizing love, fertility and prosperity. In addition, the henna night serves as the entrance of the future wife into adult life and thus as farewell to the parents' house and childhood.

Bachelor party accessories for celebratory party tigers

Typical for Germany is the first anniversary of the bachelor's party, which marks the beginning of the bachelor party, and the culmination of the tradition is that the guests bring their own dishes brought to the ground. The bride and groom must then sweep the pieces together, symbolizing the cohesion in difficult times. Properly unrestrained, however, it is only then to the matter, when the bridegroom at the bachelor leave with his mates alone.

Some of them go on a trip - others make the inner city of their home unsafe. In doing so, the chosen one has to wear worn-out costumes and take frivolous games. The visit of a stripping club is often the highlight of the bachelor party. In all of this, of course, the guys are being chattered - finally, the last day should be celebrated in freedom!

Even young women have it krachen

Meanwhile, the partners have also set themselves the task of going to the full before the wedding with the bachelor party and pull like their future husbands through the streets and bars. They too, for example, all wear the same T-shirt with the appropriate motto to act as a closed unit. Also a vest belongs to the bachelor party accessories for men and women - so little things like sweets and condoms are sold, in order to make the party with the proceeds even more exessive. The main thing is that the bride and groom once again have a lot of fun and then go to the port of marriage.