Superhelden costumes for women

Popular costumes of female superheroes

Every year at carnival the same question arises: Who has the most original costume and who should consider his outfit better in the following year? Very popular are, of course, all outfits of superhelden, but especially female superhelden costumes.

Female super hero costumes to choose from

Male superheroes are like sand at sea. You'll surely know Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man and all the other steel men. But what female superheroes are there and what female superhelden costumes are particularly popular at parties? A female superhero that everyone really knows is Catwoman. If you appear as a hot and biting cat on the costume party, you are surely many views safe.

If you have a partner, then a joint appearance as Supergirl and Superman is certainly one of the highlights in the evening and makes the elaborately crafted whole body costume from Spiderman look quite old. Classy, ​​and not to be missed on any carnival party, is Wonderwoman. She is the first super hero at all and therefore enjoys a certain reputation among the other superheroes.

Female superhero costumes design

Of course, in the run-up to the carnival party, some time should be put into the design of the costumes. Female superhelden costumes should be sexy, on the other hand, but also the classic colors of the Actionladys. At Catwoman it is absolutely necessary to make a close-fitting black leather or latex suit with eye mask and ears. It is very helpful to have a sewing machine, a reliable seamstress and a shop for unusual fabrics around the corner.

Female super hero costumes are a welcome appetite for the eye on carnival parties. If you are looking for a strong partner for the evening, you will quickly find a superhero costume.