Into the Woods competition at Karneval Universe

INTO THE WOODS is the stirring, modern film adaptation of some of the most popular and famous fairy tales. The film combines the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Hans and the Beanranke to a whole new story around a baker and his wife, their desire for children and the curse that a witch On them. "Be careful what you want" - the story of INTO THE WOODS takes a whole new look at the familiar fairy-tale figures. Not all means are legitimate, even if they lead to success. And not all fulfilled desires always make happy immediately ...

Gewinnspiel zum Filmstart von Into the Woods
Into the Woods

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Prize for the movie "Into the Woods" at Karneval Universe

Win a great film package to Maleficent

To the cinema start of Into the Woods on 19 February we raffle 2 ingenious fan packs consisting of 1x soundtrack, 1x notebook and 1x filmplakat. To participate in the contest, just answer the following question correctly:

What character is Meryl Streep?

Please send your answer and your full address to by 26th February - keyword "Into the Woods Gewinnspiel".


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