Shrunken Head Zombie

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Shrunken Head Zombie

Even zombies can be shrunken down to size!

This snappish zombie has seen better days, so now it serves only as a creepy Halloween decoration. After the aggressive half-decayed undead had been hunted down, he was shrunk down to the size of a handy shrunken head. This gory Halloween decoration is a great gift for the host of a Halloween party and a tasteful decoration for your party buffet.

The brown Shrunken Head features a shock of tousled hair on one side of his skull. The nose was stitched up and strings were put through his lips, in what seems to have been an attempt to stitch the mouth up, too. The shiny rotting teeth make our Shrunken Head Zombie look even more realistic and horrifying.

Material: latex, dimensions approx. 15 cm x 12 cm

  • a terribly beautiful shrunken head for collectors
  • a great cannibal decoration for Halloween and horror fans
  • high-quality latex